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Wisdom Warriors represents the very challenging conversations some African American parents have with their children. While the subjects are important for every family, these subjects tend to take on different characteristics when addressed from specific cultural and social points of view. Some parents are unsure of how to start the conversation or answer difficult questions in a way which children can understand fully, yet come away from the conversation feeling uplifted rather than defeated by the unfair harsh realities of racism and lack of respect for cultural diversity. 


Wisdom Warriors is a series of short educational stories featuring Grandpa Marv, Grandma Mary, and Skye. Each story has been written as an interactive conversation  within a loving family.  Each story addresses specific, difficult topics in a way that all children, between the ages of nine to eighteen (adolescents to teenagers) can understand. The primary character, Skye, helps young readers understand the meaning of the problem they may experience through relatable activities, while weaving cultural facts and history to help the reader grasp value and pride in their own uniqueness.  Instead of children feeling that something is “wrong” with them, readers will see their value through Skye and her grandparents’ as wisdom warriors.  The historical and foundational facts discussed throughout the series is designed to enlighten today’s youth that they are not at all responsible for the damaging, false beliefs of other children or adults. In fact, it is the author’s goal to equip each young reader with knowledge to empower him or her to dispel the social stereotypes and rhetoric that often keeps him or her from reaching his or her full potential.


Grandpa Marv and Grandma Mary share their wisdom having experienced or witnessed some of problems that are dealt with in these short stories. Each story is meant to start a conversation in regard to other problems related to the topic subject. Skye, Grandpa Marv, and Grandma Mary are entertaining characters that in a very practical way, demonstrate everyday life experiences, relationships, and challenges that arise as they go about their daily lives.


African American History has been weaved into each story to educate children and adults not familiar with the historical significance of the topics discussed. The stories are great for educators and all cultures because the wisdom shared serves as an education for everyone to understand the unique and troubling experiences of people of color.

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